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Writing Tips

Finding Inspiration

  Where do you find your inspiration as a writer? Are you inspired by bits and pieces of life, snippets from books? Do you see where an author could have taken a book and then go write the book you wish you would have read? One of the most unusual places that I’ve found inspiration... Read More

Writing Style

Either you’re born a writer, or you’re not. Writers cannot be made; talents honed and sharpened, yes, but ability created? No. Do you believe that? Before being published, it’s easy to say that everyone has what it takes to be a writer… as long as we’re open to correction and willing work hard (“butt in... Read More

How to Start Again

Life is a serious bummer sometimes. There I’ve said it. I know, I know… For such a chipper person, I sure have some Debby Downer ways of looking at things on this blog, don’t I? Except that, I really don’t. What I really just did was summarize about every manuscript that has ever been submitted... Read More

Your Harshest Critic

“Life is messy, but you don’t have to be.” I’m not sure that’s actually a quote from somewhere, but if it’s not, it should be. When it comes to my life, I am above and beyond my own worst critic. I want things perfect and organized and shiny and bright, and anything less than that... Read More

The Writing Habit

“My eyes sting, my hands are shaking, and the coffee is never strong enough. Welcome to my freelance writing reality.” That used to be the bio on my Twitter profile until about a year ago. When I decided to add my titles of Professional Editor and Literary Agent, however, that last sentence had to be... Read More

Goldilocks and the Three Beginnings. (Where to start your novel.)

One of the hardest decisions you’ll make when starting your novel is deciding where, exactly, to do just that. Where do you start your novel? Start too soon and it becomes a yawn fest for both you and your reader. Start too late and the reader feels like they’re thrusting out of murky water, desperately... Read More

#NaNoWriMo: What does 1,667 words look like?

#NaNoWriMo begins in less than twenty-four hours! Are you ready? My writers should all be receiving a packet over the next couple of days with some daily words of encouragement. Even if you’re not participating, you’ll be well received by a writer as a side-line cheerleader. Usually around the 20K word point. That’s the largest... Read More

Nonfiction Character Building

When you set out to write about a nonfiction character, you set sail on a journey that will not only experience tempestuous winds, but you also have to learn to tame those winds to provide a smooth ride through the ongoing storm. Your reader should not only get to know your character and sense an... Read More

About Me
JessicaJessica Schmeidler is a professional editor, ghostwriter, literary agent, and homeschooling mompreneur. While still in college, she began working from home, starting her own business soon thereafter. In 2015 she founded Golden Wheat Literary. If she's not inside reading, writing, or editing, she's outside with her daughter, riding her horses, annoying the chickens, or playing in the garden. Read More
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