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Literary Agent

Biggest Marketing Don’t

As I was discussing marketing and promotional opportunity types with my authors yesterday, one of the comments that came up (and frequently comes up when I’m speaking with authors) is when to market and where. In my experience, the answer to that is almost always now and wherever you happen to be. Then and Now Marketing isn’t what... Read More


I have now started and deleted this post three times. Not good, considering I only gave myself 25 minutes to draft it as part of a blog challege. Fortunately, though, that did inspire me to truly focus in on what authorpreneurship means to me. At face value, of course, it’s made up of two nouns... Read More

Chasing Classy Grit

  I’m still incognito today. So, if you’re reading this, you’re really not; if anyone says you did, tell them they must be confused, because my blog post specifically said that you had, in fact, not read a thing. Curiouser and curiouser, don’t you think? Chasing the White Rabbit I’m reading two books this week:... Read More

Agents and Acquisitions Editors

Do you remember that girl you used to sit by? The one who annoyingly covered her mouth, trying to stifle laughter at all of the teacher’s corny jokes? Yeah, the same book nerd that either had her nose buried in a book or had her head bent, furiously scribbling in her notebook all the time?... Read More

What I Want From a Memoir Pitch

There’s no secret that between creative nonfiction and memoir-writing, the market is cocked and loaded. The only question is which way the barrel is turned. Are you about to shoot off into your dreams or shoot yourself in the foot? What I Want The root of the word memoir is memory. When you pitch or... Read More

About Me
JessicaJessica Schmeidler is a professional editor, ghostwriter, literary agent, and homeschooling mompreneur. While still in college, she began working from home, starting her own business soon thereafter. In 2015 she founded Golden Wheat Literary. If she's not inside reading, writing, or editing, she's outside with her daughter, riding her horses, annoying the chickens, or playing in the garden. Read More
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