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A New Year

So. 2018 is here. Finally… a new year. According to the Gregorian calendar, anyway. If you go back to Leviticus 23:23-25, though, you’ll find it used to (suggestion: think on that…) start in what we now call September (a source to start your own study on the history of calendar New Years: http://bit.ly/2E6NhVG). So, really,... Read More

Build Your Ship to Wreck

I am a sensitive person who has always been drawn to industries that require thick skin. If you start out a sentence with, “Don’t take this personally, but…” assume that I have just cast a net around my heart, scooped it up, drawn it as far away from you as I can get it, and... Read More


When I was in high school, I took a photography class, and rather than use a digital camera, a family member let me use his 35mm camera. I don’t remember what I was supposed to learn in that class, but I can remember that feeling—knowing that this person was trusting me with the same camera... Read More

R&R Reflections

  When I re-prioritize the elements of my multiple businesses, I try to see patterns that will allow me to leverage the goals of one to strengthen the goals of the others (as I imagine most business owners do). An Example: Scentsy & Rosebud Academy You’ll notice that, on my blog posts, I now have a... Read More

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Attacks

This is the sort of random post that caused me to remove all the previous posts from my blog for the new design. It’s not a writing tip, and it’s not about being a mompreneur; this post is about survival. However, since yesterday’s spider attack took place while I was working, and the following post... Read More

An Early American Governess

How young is too young to begin teaching children? There are those that children are taught every day from the moment they are born, and others that claim they are gathering experiences which help them learn, but should not be formally taught anything. I fall into the former line of thinking. My daughter is now... Read More

Business Takes Time

When I first started working from home I was a newlywed not quite out of college. Time wasn’t an issue and my only motivation was a little extra spending money. Now that I’m a mom, running a new business (not to mention starting a new one) is quite the time juggle. Between homeschool, cleaning (or... Read More

Finding Balance

Some days are better than others, and this is a day that didn’t meet the “better” mark. One of my at-home projects is to remake one of the bedrooms into a room that is exclusively for homeschool. Right now the room is entirely storage, so it’s a process—to put it lightly. My little Rosebud (nickname,... Read More

Toddler Tuesday: “B” is for…

You know you’re a WAHM when you type in “Toddler Tuesday,” then think, “Wait. It is Tuesday, isn’t it?” Not that I’m complaining, when it comes to business, if you’re not busy, you’re probably not making much money. Likewise, when it comes to being a mommy, if you’re not multi-tasking, you’re probably neglecting some tasks.... Read More

About Me
JessicaJessica Schmeidler is a professional editor, ghostwriter, literary agent, and homeschooling mompreneur. While still in college, she began working from home, starting her own business soon thereafter. In 2015 she founded Golden Wheat Literary. If she's not inside reading, writing, or editing, she's outside with her daughter, riding her horses, annoying the chickens, or playing in the garden. Read More
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