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In 2007, I graduated twice from Fort Hays State University. 2007 is also the year I started working from home as a freelance writer and virtual transcriptionist. The idea was simply to find a way “to pay the bills;” however, my business soon took on a life of its own.

At FHSU, I took on the challenge of a dual degree in Political Science (emphasis in Pre-law) and English (emphasis in literature).  The rewards of which included refined skills in research, technical and report writing, multi-tasking, and being extremely efficient while not sacrificing a detail-oriented quality.  In addition, my rigorous studies instilled great organizational skills and self-motivation. As a result, I find myself able to work equally well with or without deadlines or supervision.  Also, I am naturally a perfectionist, extremely inquisitive, and I have a strong desire to learn.

Couple my strong educational background and my past employment experience, and what you have is better focus, more refined writing, higher communication skills, and a great ability to work in an unsupervised environment. Thus my decision to forego law school (sacrificing some prestige and personal enjoyment, to be sure) and focus on building my own business.

“A rose by any other name…”

I am often asked why I chose the name “The Write Shadow,” and I can tell you first off that when it made the final cut, there were not a million and one plays on the word “write,” as there are today.  I settled on the name, because I was new to the idea of playing in the world wide web, and I didn’t want my name attached to everything.  It was a way to hide, without really creating a pen name that I would have to abandon or write behind forever, if I chose to.

Edger Allen Poe wrote a very interesting poem called, “Silence.”  Within it, you may be able to capture some of my reasoning.

A simplified version is simply that I wanted a name to recognize me as not only a ghostwriter, but also as a loyal assistant.  A shadow is ignored unless it is looked for, and when people notice you, they rarely (if ever) take note of your shadow.  Yet, no matter how small or big you are or become, that shadow is always there.

I played with the idea of just being “The Shadow,” but that sounded like a comic strip come to life, so I opted instead to add a bit of the wordsmith side to it.  Thus, entered in “Write,” working both as the “right” choice for you and working as a bit of SEO for someone looking for a writer.

To be a writer, one must write.

Through the years, I have developed a slogan to go along with my business name.  For a while it was simply “Efficient Perfection,” but it just didn’t have the right catchiness to it.

One day, I was pounding out steps on my elliptical, looking at my collage of motivational gobbledygook on the door in front of me, and something in my brain kicked in.  Just write it!

Every time I heard something motivation about fitness on TV, in a book, or in a magazine, I had written or pasted the piece of motivation on the back of my door (directly in front of my elliptical).  Finally, in a mood of complete exasperation and self-reflection, I had taken a large marker and wrote “Just do it!”  The Nike slogan glared back at me, unrelenting day after day.  There was something about that slogan.  It didn’t matter what I felt like, what I looked like, what motivation I needed–it didn’t leave any room for excuses.

Just Write It!

That’s what my business is about!  No excuses.  Just getting it done.  If you need something done, and you want it done right, I want you to think of me.

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JessicaJessica Schmeidler is a professional editor, ghostwriter, literary agent, and homeschooling mompreneur. While still in college, she began working from home, starting her own business soon thereafter. In 2015 she founded Golden Wheat Literary. If she's not inside reading, writing, or editing, she's outside with her daughter, riding her horses, annoying the chickens, or playing in the garden. Read More
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