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Finding Inspiration

  Where do you find your inspiration as a writer? Are you inspired by bits and pieces of life, snippets from books? Do you see where an author could have taken a book and then go write the book you wish you would have read? One of the most unusual places that I’ve found inspiration... Read More

R&R Reflections

  When I re-prioritize the elements of my multiple businesses, I try to see patterns that will allow me to leverage the goals of one to strengthen the goals of the others (as I imagine most business owners do). An Example: Scentsy & Rosebud Academy You’ll notice that, on my blog posts, I now have a... Read More

Writing Style

Either you’re born a writer, or you’re not. Writers cannot be made; talents honed and sharpened, yes, but ability created? No. Do you believe that? Before being published, it’s easy to say that everyone has what it takes to be a writer… as long as we’re open to correction and willing work hard (“butt in... Read More

Chasing Classy Grit

  I’m still incognito today. So, if you’re reading this, you’re really not; if anyone says you did, tell them they must be confused, because my blog post specifically said that you had, in fact, not read a thing. Curiouser and curiouser, don’t you think? Chasing the White Rabbit I’m reading two books this week:... Read More

April Showers

Until this very month of April, I had never actually taken a vacation before. Did you know that? Well, now you do. Umm… wow, vacationing is hard. No one ever told me that, so I’m going to tell all of you workaholics ahead of time: When you finally decide to unplug and unwind, be prepared... Read More

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Attacks

This is the sort of random post that caused me to remove all the previous posts from my blog for the new design. It’s not a writing tip, and it’s not about being a mompreneur; this post is about survival. However, since yesterday’s spider attack took place while I was working, and the following post... Read More

How to Start Again

Life is a serious bummer sometimes. There I’ve said it. I know, I know… For such a chipper person, I sure have some Debby Downer ways of looking at things on this blog, don’t I? Except that, I really don’t. What I really just did was summarize about every manuscript that has ever been submitted... Read More

Raising More Than Vegetables

Here in Kansas it’s been so windy and dry this last week that I’ve swapped Rosebud’s sunglasses out for her science goggles. She just turned four at the end of last month, and her birthday theme was Beatrix Potter’s wildly popular books about Peter Rabbit. So, “Flopsy” and I have been playing in the garden... Read More

Your Harshest Critic

“Life is messy, but you don’t have to be.” I’m not sure that’s actually a quote from somewhere, but if it’s not, it should be. When it comes to my life, I am above and beyond my own worst critic. I want things perfect and organized and shiny and bright, and anything less than that... Read More

An Early American Governess

How young is too young to begin teaching children? There are those that children are taught every day from the moment they are born, and others that claim they are gathering experiences which help them learn, but should not be formally taught anything. I fall into the former line of thinking. My daughter is now... Read More

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JessicaJessica Schmeidler is a professional editor, ghostwriter, literary agent, and homeschooling mompreneur. While still in college, she began working from home, starting her own business soon thereafter. In 2015 she founded Golden Wheat Literary. If she's not inside reading, writing, or editing, she's outside with her daughter, riding her horses, annoying the chickens, or playing in the garden. Read More
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